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The language test DELE is one of the exams you need to take to be eligible for the Spanish citizenship. The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Diploma De Español Como Lengua Extranjera) contains the basics of a foreign language test, including:

  • Reading and writing skills.
    This section consists of the two modules reading and comprehension.
  • Written expression & interaction.

Both of these modules last approximately 60 minutes. The first module contains five practical tasks, and the second module has two tasks.

  • Language skills.
    This section consists of listening comprehension, oral expression and interaction. The first module is 35 minutes long and contains five practical tasks, and the second module lasts 15 minutes, with no tasks to complete.

The DELE A2 exam is the basic level needed for a successful Spanish citizenship application. 

The maximum number of points you can get in the DELE A2 language test is 100 points. To pass the test, you need to get 60 points in total – 30 points in Reading and Writing Skills, and 30 points in Speaking Skills.

The first examination date for the DELE A2 exams at our school is the 17.02.2023!

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