Mission statement

Our Spanish language school in Granada, Andalusia: a place of solidarity

Escuela Montalbán is a Cooperative
Since 1986 we have been working in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Escuela Montalbán is a cooperative organization whose members all participate in the decision-making of the school. Our staff has the academic freedom to carry out their job responsibilities. That means, that our team is our added value. What is our mission? We want people to evolve by learning a new language and living intercultural experiences. Our vision is to become an academic and intercultural reference in Spain for foreign students.

Escuela Montalbán is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes
We set high academic and service principles through our quality standards and undergo regularly a thorough inspection by the Instituto Cervantes, including administrative, academic, managerial and service aspects. Our school is an examination centre for the official DELE exams (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera). The exams take place on specific dates every year. Our students can prepare for all exam levels in our preparation courses all year round. Students also can finish their course with the official SIELE certificate (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) which is issued by the Instituto Cervantes.

Escuela Montalbán is a member of Tandem Language Schools
Tandem Language Schools is a Spanish-German network with schools in 12 destinations in Spain, Germany and Chile. All schools share with its member schools the purpose of promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding through in-context language learning. We place a special emphasis on the cultural integration of our students, by facilitating language exchanges with native speakers based on the Tandem® method.

Escuela Montalbán is a member of different Spanish school associations
Our school belongs to FEDELE (Federación de Escuelas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) and EEA (Español en Andalucía), which are the most important national associations, and fulfil their quality standards.

Escuela Montalbán has obtained the ELE Socially Responsible School certificate in 2023.
FEDELE offers its member schools a seal of quality called "Socially Responsible ELE School" with the aim of having schools that care for the environment, schools that promote values and human rights, schools that promote safety and socially responsible schools.

Escuela Montalban, Granada   Escuela Montalban, Granada

Escuela Montalbán is known for its academic professionalism
We employ a permanent teaching team. All teachers are native speakers with university degrees, and specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Their teaching activity meets legal requirements concerning data protection and intellectual property.  We also ensure ongoing professional training to our teaching staff.

Escuela Montalbán ensures job security to its employees
The employment contracts are permanent and ensure stability and projection for the future. Payment is in accordance with the legal requirements and the regional standards.

Escuela Montalbán is committed with host families and local suppliers
We inspect all our accommodations regularly. Rents correspond to the living standards in Granada. We intend to cooperate with local service providers in order to promote the economy of Granada.

Escuela Montalbán is committed with the customer
Our Spanish school offers excellent customer care, a personalised service, a quick response to customers' enquiries and feedback, and a continued academic, technological and service update plus innovation.

Escuela Montalban, Granada   Escuela Montalban, Granada

Escuela Montalbán emphasizes social commitment and international solidarity
We cooperate with social, cultural, and environmental non-profit organizations, either through donations or by hiring their services rather than those of big companies, and by purchasing fair-trade products as well as supporting the actions and projects of these organizations. We also organize Spanish courses for refugees.

Escuela Montalbán supports slow tourism, responsible travel and environmental responsibility
Responsible travel means assessing our effect on the environment, local cultures and economies, and acting in a way that makes our impact as positive as possible. We encourage staff and clients to adopt environmentally friendly actions such as office recycling, purchasing FCS or recycled office supplies whenever possible, booking flights within the atmosfair programme, travelling by bus or train for inland trips, and walking, riding a bike or taking public transport within the city. We cooperate with agencies which support our ideas, such as Responsible Travel and Not in the Guidebooks in England.

Escuela Montalbán offers innovative products
Offering innovative services is an important aspect of customer care. We develop innovative programmes which combine cultural experiences with Spanish classes. Students can book dancing sessions (Flamenco, Tango, Salsa) cooking courses, photo walks, Yoga workshops, Arabic culture courses or outdoor activities, such us rock climbing, hiking and horseback riding in Sierra Nevada.

Spanish courses for refugees in Granada, Spain   Spanish courses for refugees in Granada, Spain

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