Payment methods

How can I pay the deposit and the remaining course fees?

1. Wire transfer
Escuela Montalbán

C/ Alhamar, n° 12-14 - 18005 Granada, Spain
IBAN        ES82 0182 04 63 0602 01613819

Please include your name and the course dates in case of wire transfers. All bank charges have to be paid by the student.

2. Credit C
The deposit can be paid online by credit card. In this case, please inform us and we will email you access to our online payment system. The remaining balance of the course fees can only be paid by credit card at our office.

3. PayPal
If you have a PayPal account, you can send the deposit and the remaining balance of the course fees directly to our PayPal account. In this case let us know and we will you send a PayPal payment request by email. PayPal adds a surcharge of 4.5 % on the final price.

4. Cash payment
The remaining balance of the course fees can also be paid in cash directly at the school during the first course days.

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