The Spanish language school in Granada, Spain

Learn Spanish in Andalusia and book a Spanish course with us in Granada! Escuela Montalbán has been offering Spanish language courses for adults and teenagers since 1986.

We have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for over 30 years now. Our Spanish school is located in Granada, one of the most fascinating cities in Andalusia, southern Spain. The Spanish courses are held throughout the year. The friendly atmosphere and personal touch of our Spanish classes as well as Granada's Andalusian charm will turn your language holidays into an unforgettable experience.

The school building, characterised by its Andalusian style, its friendly classrooms, and its beautiful courtyard, retains much of the charm and intimacy of a family home. It is situated in a quiet location just ten minutes away from the city centre. Students from all over the world and from different age groups participate in our Spanish language programme throughout the year. An extensive cultural programme always complements the Spanish courses.

We are accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes since 2002. With 1000 students every year we can be considered as a medium-sized Spanish language school.

Tandem® International
Our school is a member of Tandem International with a network of language schools in Europe and overseas.


Spanish for Body & Mind

Spanish, culture and sports in Granada

Combine Spanish lessons with Flamenco, Tango or Salsa dancing, outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing in Sierra Nevada, Yoga sessions, an Arabic culture course, a programme about Federico García Lorca, Spanish cooking or photo walks.

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European university credits (ECTS)

You can now gain European academic credits (ECTS) by studying Spanish in our Spanish language school in Granada, Spain.


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My Spanish course

Learn Spanish in Granada

Spanish & cultural exchange

Spanish courses and cultural exchange in Granada, Spain

Test your Spanish!

Test your Spanish with our level test!

Examination centre

Don’t leave Granada without an official certificate! Escuela Montalbán is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes since 2002 and is an examination centre. We prepare for the D.E.L.E. exams, the Spanish Nationality tests (D.E.L.E exam A2/PRUEBA CCSE) or the Madrid Chamber of Commerce exams (Business Spanish/Spanish for Tourism/Medical Spanish). You can also finish your course with the official SIELE certificate by taking an official test.

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Erasmus+ grants in Granada

Spanish courses with Erasmus+ grants in Granada, Spain

Erasmus KA1 Mobility grants promote the mobility of individuals. Our teacher training courses are aimed at European teachers and other experts in the field of further education for adults, especially for Spanish as a foreign language.

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Spanish nationality

Prueba CCSE in Granada in order to obtain the Spanish nationality

You can prepare and sit the PRUEBA CCS and the D.E.L.E. exam A2 at our school in order to apply for the Spanish nationality.

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Trips for secondary schools

Spanish courses for secondary school groups in Granada, Spain

Our Spanish language school offers Spanish courses with acccommodation and cultural activities for secondary school groups throughout the year.

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