Spanish and Flamenco in Granada, Spain

Dance lessons, guitar, singing and cajón lessons at our Spanish language school in Granada, Andalusia!

Flamenco is an ancient and profound art through which the people from Andalusia have expressed their most intimate feelings over several centuries. The programme Spanish course and flamenco allows participants to discover the artistic phenomenon of flamenco in its natural environment. We offer you the chance to experience and learn both the practical skills of the flamenco dance art and the Spanish language. We provide you with the opportunity to complement your Spanish Course with flamenco dance classes given in collaboration with a recognized and qualified dance teacher. There are classes at all levels, starting with beginners (rumbas) up to the more advanced levels (alegrías, tangos, bulerías, soleá).

We also offer lessons in flamenco guitar. We will work on the technical and theoretical aspects of playing flamenco guitar. However, we emphasise the importance of practising as you learn from playing! These lessons are suitable for all players interested in flamenco. We also offer percussion classes deepening the cajón flamenco play. Or learn the different styles of flamenco singing with a flamenco singer as a teacher.

Lessons: in addition to a general Spanish course 2 sessions of 90 minutes per week.
Group size: from 1 to 2 students.
Levels: all levels (dance/guitar/singing/cajón).
Starting dates: every Monday.
Course duration: from 1 to 50 weeks.
Timetable: to be confirmed.

Flamenco 120 €/week

Learn Spanish and dance Flamenco in Granada, Spain   Learn Spanish and dance Flamenco in Granada, Spain

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