Spanish courses for professionals in Granada

The Spanish language nowadays is very important in the business world.

That's why we created different Spanish programmes for professionals. Spanish is the world's second most spoken language in terms of native speakers, with over 400 million people, behind Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of 19 countries, most of them in Latin America. It is the second most spoken language in the United States, where more than 40 million people speak Spanish.

We have created Spanish courses for specific purposes for those professionals who want to improve their Spanish in Granada. Our students can book a business Spanish course. The Business Spanish courses can give students a good insight on Spanish language, mostly if they're planning to obtain an official certificate. Professionals also can participate in courses designed to work on specific vocabulary related to the world of tourism.

The training courses for non-native Spanish teachers are aimed to teachers who teach Spanish in primary or secondary schools, universities or private centers and who need to improve their knowledge of Spanish and, at the same time, acquire teaching tools for their daily work.

Spanish courses for professionals in Granada   Spanish courses for professionals in Granada Instituto Cervantes Diplomas de español DELE del Instituto Cervantes. TANDEM International EEA FEDELE Erasmus+ UCAM Camara Madrid Bildungsurlaub CSN
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