Visa application for Spain

If you are not a citizen of the European Union, it is possible that you need a student visa in order to study in Spain, depending on the length of your course and your nationality.

If you are one of these students, you may need to apply for a visa, which will allow you to stay in Spain for a certain period of time, in order to take a course at an authorized educational institution, in a full-time programme (at least 20 hours of 60 minutes per week) leading to a certificate of studies. Our school is authorized, as we are accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes since 2002. You can obtain information regarding the visa application requirements (tourist visa, study visa etc.) from the Spanish embassy in your home country. Addresses of Spanish Embassies worldwide can be found at the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • The Schengen visa is a short-term or temporary entry permit for visits of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.
  • For this visa any of our intensive Spanish courses (group courses or individual programmes) is suitable.
  • You can also find information regarding accommodation in Granada on our website.
  • Please note, that in the case you need specific visa applications documents from our side (acceptance letter, course programme etc.), we charge an additional administration fee of 200 €.
  • The total amount of course and accommodation must be paid in advance.
  • You can register directly through our website.
  • Send us also a scanned copy of your passport.
  • After the last change in the Spanish Immigration Law in 2018, you can now apply for your student visa from both your country of origin (at the Spanish embassy), or directly while in Spain with your Schengen visa.


  • Contact the Spanish embassy in your home country and ask about the requirements.
  • If the Spanish course lasts more than 90 days, you may need a study visa. This type of visa will be issued for the exact duration of the course.  In case you want to extend the visa, you can do so at the foreign immigration office in Granada providing all required documents.
  • For this type of visa, the application implies that the student has to submit certain documentation.
  • If the Spanish course has a duration of > 180 days, the candidate usually receives a Schengen visa issued for a maximum period of 90 days and within a period of 180 days. In this case, the student arrives in Spain and has to apply for the foreigner's identity card (TIE) within one month of arrival.
  • This type of visa of > 180 days is usually oriented to continue with higher studies in Spain after having finished the Spanish course.
  • The card will be valid for the course duration and up to several years, in case of studying a grado superior, grado universitario or a master at a Spanish university.
  • We recommend that you include an official A2 Spanish certificate (e.g. SIELE GLOBAL certificate) in the application documents for the student visa. The consulates may require it or may value positively previous knowledge of Spanish.
  • You must be admitted to an authorized educational center for a full-time programme from Monday to Friday (at least 20 hours of 60 minutes per week). We recommend you to book our Intensive 20 course with 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week (= 15 hours of 60 minutes) + 5 hours per week of self-studies, exam preparation tutorials and exams.
  • We offer a study period from 24 weeks to 48 weeks on all 6 Spanish levels (A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2). Important: The course duration should always cover your stay until the next study period.
    If you start as a beginner you might need about 48 weeks to reach the highest Spanish level C1/C2. Anyhow, the B2 certificate already allows you to continue with your university studies after finishing the course with us. In that case we recommend a course duration of 32 weeks. The programme always ends with the official SIELE GLOBAL exam from the Instituto Cervantes. Check our long term course prices here!
  • Residential address in Granada: If you need a residential address, we can offer you an accommodation in a single room with use of kitchen facilities in one of our school apartments. The price is: 330 €/month.
  • Graduation certificates.
  • Criminal record.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Medical insurance covering your stay in Spain.

    You can book your ASISA MEDICAL INSURANCE online through us with UNIVERSITAS MUNDI at a reduced price (approx. 270 € per year + 20 € administration costs).
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover stay (bank statements). For the sustainability of expenses, it is necessary that you have a monthly sum of 100% of the IPREM. For 2024, this amount corresponds to 600 € per month.
  • The study visa allows students to work part-time or in a temporary position for the duration of the Spanish course. The maximum amount of hours cannot exceed 30 hours per week, and the job must not interfere with the candidates studies. In this case, you must apply for a work permit at the Immigration Office. The employment contract cannot exceed the duration of the study visa.

Booking procedure in case of a long term study visa:

  • You can register directly through our website. Choose starting date, the course Intensive 20 + Study Visa and the course duration. The course duration should cover your stay until the next study period.
  • Let us also know, if you need a provisional accommodation address in Granada. Once you have obtained the visa confirm, if you finally need to reserve an accommodation through us.
  • Send us a scanned photocopy of your passport.
  • Send us your CV, as we need to know for which higher education studies (grado universitario, master, formación profesional, doctorado etc.) you want to enroll after finishing the course with us.
  • Your booking will be confirmed as soon as possible and we will send you a pro-forma invoice for the full course amount by e-mail.
  • We only accept payments by wire transfer to our BBVA bank account.
  • Once the course payment (or a proof of payment) has been received, we will send you all the course documents (acceptance letter, course programme, a provisional accommodation address) by email or DHL, in case the Spanish Embassy requires the original documents.
  • These documents have to be presented at the Spanish Embassy in your home country in order to apply for the visa.
  • When you have obtained the visa, inform us regarding your final course starting date. Courses start every Monday for alle levels.

Wire transfer:

Escuela Montalbán

European Union/SEPA:
Bank name: Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)
IBAN: ES50 0182 0463 09 0201638304

Other countries:
Bank name: Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)
Address: C/ Alhamar, n° 12-14
City: 18005 Granada
Country: Spain
Account number: 0201638304

Important: In the case of wire transfers please include your name and the course dates. All bank charges have to be paid by the student. Please send us a proof of payment by email.


In case of visa refusals, we will reimburse the full payment, retaining a cancellation fee of 200 € and the costs of mailings and bank charges. Students provide us with the written confirmation from the Spanish Embassy. This should be send by email to Escuela Montalbán. The document must be the refusal resolution that puts an end to the administrative process. The school will contact the embassy to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Students who start but do not finish their programme will not be reimbursed for their course and/or accommodation fees under any circumstances.

The arrival and departure days and participation in our courses by non-European citizens will be checked by the local Foreign Immigration Office. Instituto Cervantes Diplomas de español DELE del Instituto Cervantes. TANDEM International EEA FEDELE Erasmus+ UCAM Camara Madrid Bildungsurlaub CSN
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