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Events in Granada


In June, Granada celebrates the Corpus Christi fiesta, whose origins go back to efforts made to "Christianise" the population after centuries of Moorish domination.

he Corpus Christi Fiesta is the biggest festival in Granada. This year it will start at midnight, on Saturday, 02.06.2024 with the lighting of thousands of bulbs and ends the following Saturday with a fireworks display.

With a history of more than 500 years the Corpus Christi fiesta is part of the most important traditions that the city conserves. Throughout its history it has served as a parenthesis in the daily life of the locals, propitiating some days of fun and vacactions. Granada offers a full range of cultural events, including the bullfighting festival, during these days.

The fair is usually in the month of June but does not have a specific date, because it depends on the Holy Week. The way to know the beginning of Corpus Christi is to count 60 days from Easter Monday. This will give you the feast day of Corpus Christi.

The atmosphere can be enjoyed both day and night. Enjoy the ride of elegant horse cars loaded with people dressed in the typical regional costumes, the flamenco atmosphere or the booths with all their adornments. In the Granada fair, unlike others, the public booths are interspersed with private booths so that the visitor can freely access each one of them.

During the week that lasts the fair it is necessary to emphasize 2 processions that cross the main streets of the city:

Every Wednesday of the fair La Tarasca, a mannequin wearing the clothes that will be fashionable in the following season, walks through the city on the back of a fierce dragon that seems to be surrendered at his feet. The big festival of Granada is organized around Thursday, departure of Corpus Christi, day in which the whole city crammed the streets. On the Sunday at the end of the Corpus Christi week a small procession is celebrated around the Cathedral.

Events in Granada


This is, in fact, one of the most popular holidays in Granada, which will take place on the 3rd of May. Year by year, Granada has been a host city for thousands of visitors from all over Spain who want to enjoy this special day in a unique atmosphere.

This festival was founded by St. Helen in the 4th century who wanted to show special respect for the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. As the history tells us, St Helen had a son who dreamed of a cross, which would help him to win a battle he was losing. So, a large cross was built by his troops and then carried into the battle, which ultimately was won. The family was inspired by it so much that they converted to Christianity. St. Helen went to Jerusalem to find the authentic cross, which performed miracles, and urged people to continue worshipping after her death. The modern celebration tradition of the cross dressing has been revived in the 18th century.

Nowadays in Granada the City Council runs a competition to promote the tradition. A lot of crosses - decorated by thousands of carnations - compete for the prize. Moreover, courtyards, streets and squares, shops windows and schools are part of this contest too. As a result, Granada is decorated by thousands of flowers that perfume the city with amazing aroma. Women and children wear typical andalusian dress; decorate crosses, dance and sing. The Granadines walk around the city visiting the crosses, dancing and celebrating this special day.

We advise you to visit Plaza Larga, Casa de los Pisas or calle Zafra in Albaicin and the Corrala de Santiago in Realejo where crosses get the best prize every year. Moreover, Plaza del Carmen or Plaza Bib-Rambla and its surroundings are great places to enjoy the beauty of this tradition. There you can watch flamenco performances during the afternoon or evening on the 3rdof May.

Events in Granada


Minha Lua present their new and most complex musical project in Granada, because of the vocal and harmonic difficulty involved, nothing more and nothing less than paying homage to the legendary band MADREDEUS.

Madredeus is the most important group in the history of Portuguese music. Their international successes and world tours have placed them at the top of World Music thanks to the impressive vocal and lyrical ability of their singer, Teresa Salgueiro. 

FADO-rooted melodies coupled with harmonies and "new age" sounds of unfathomable richness and magic, created a deep and delicate style over several decades.

Events in Granada
22/03/2024 by Margarete Fortmann


Holy Week in Granada

In Granada Easter festivities begin on Palm Sunday, 24.03.2024 and las until Easter Sunday, 31.03.2024

The Holy Week (Semana Santa) processions in Granada are very unique when compared with other Andalusian cities. It is renowned for the simplicity and beauty of its "pasos" (floats of thrones with religious icons), and also for the unique surroundings of the processions.

Indeed, the streets of the Albaicín, for example, so narrow and twisted with their typical cobblestones, give a special setting to the procession of the Virgen de la Aurora and the Concepción.

Unforgettable images await the visitor, like those of the procession of El Silencio returning to the home church after midnight by the Carrera del Darro.

And not forgetting the beautiful backdrop, with the Alhambra often to be admired atop its moonlit hill.

And visitors should not miss the Santísimo Cristo del Consuelo y María Santísima del Sacromonte, known as Los Gitanos (the gypsies). It takes place on Wednesday is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking processions of the Semana Santa in Granada.

Undoubtley, one of the best places to see it: on its way back to the Sacromonte Abbey on top of the Sacromonte, where the gypsies receive the icons with bonfires and saetas (prayers sung in flamenco style without instruments). However, this takes place almost at dawn and it's a long way from the city center.


Events in Granada


The city of Granada hosts a new edition of the Tango Festival, a type of dance with great development worldwide.

Tango fans and professionals have multiplied in recent years in an extraordinary way, which confirms that tango is, fundamentally, a manifestation of contemporary urban culture. This event seeks to flood the entire city with rhythm and passion, through more than fifty artists and around fifteen shows, as well as through parallel activities that include everything from dance classes and night parties, to street performances. and meetings between artists and fans.

Events in Granada


More than 20 peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range are over 3.000 metres high, being the Mulhacén with 3.482m. the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula.

These mountains are home to the most southerly ski resort with the most hours of sunshine in Europe. Nestled in the Penibetic System in the south of Spain in Andalusia, Sierra Nevada offers excellent conditions for the practice of the white sport.

The ski resort is located in the Granada municipality of Monachil, 31 kilometres from the city of Granada. It is the western part of the Sierra Nevada National Park, which is also a Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve.

In autumn Granada starts the countdown to the start of the ski season. This year the Sierra Nevada ski resort has started the winter season on Tuesday, 5nd December 2023.

Events in Granada
25/10/2023 by Margarete Fortmann


Every year, the image of the Granada Jazz Festival is spread in an extraordinary way by Juan Vida, a painter who has been affectionately involved with the Festival throughout all these years and whose posters are coveted by the most passionate collectors. With an extraordinary artistic and human sensitivity, this year's poster expresses in a metaphorical way: the origin of jazz, Africa and the necessary visibility of the female instrumentalist.

Events in Granada


Carlos Saura said that he discovered the flamenco in Granada. It was in the city of the Generalife, in the fifties, when Saura arrived as a photographer for the Festival of Music and Dance.

An experience that would mark his artistic career, because it was in Granada where his passion for the performing arts, especially dance, began.

Granada remembers the master in this way in a work that pays tribute to his way of understanding art through flamenco.


A man like Picasso, whose curiosity went beyond painting, bringing to each of the disciplines he experimented with a new vision and unforeseen solutions, could not be alien to the theatre.

He was associated with Diaghilev's Russian ballets and was married to the dancer Olga Khokhlova, the muse of several of his works.

This experience led him to design different scenographies in which Picasso did not limit himself to following what was stipulated, but within this already defined framework he imposed very different interpretations. As in the rest of his works, and in accordance with Cubist principles, he sought to rediscover the profound reality of forms and objects, achieving, in this case, a new way of understanding the scene, with other dimensions, different density and a play of planes, either with an architectural geometry that suggests the aesthetics of cities or by very strictly delimiting this space, emphasising theatrical artific

This year's theatrical proposal for the cycle LORCA AND GRANADA is a show that condenses the way of understanding dance of three geniuses: Lorca, Picasso, Saura.

Under the artistic direction of Carlos Saura Medrano, the choreographic direction of Andrés Marín and the musical direction of Daniel Doura, the show offers a journey through the experiences and life trajectories of its protagonists. Picasso and dance, an encounter with Lorca in Granada' is the confluence of flamenco, contemporary dance, plastic arts and visual arts in a unique proposal that will delight the public on summer nights, between the 2nd and 26th of August, in the Teatro del Generalife.

Events in Granada


At the top of the Sacromonte district, in the Museo de las Cuevas del Sacromonte, you can enjoy the cinema with the feeling of being fresquito and closer to the stars, also of the celluloid.

The screenings are at 22:00 hours. The ticket price is 5 €. Remember that seating is limited.

Events in Granada



For a whole week there are all kind of celebrations and cultural events in the streets and at the fairground: puppet shows, bullfighting, flamenco, music performances, traditional processions, and exhibitions.

Two major processions usually take place in Granada during Corpus Christi.

The first is the Tarasca, of pagan origin, which takes place on Wednesday morning and marks the beginning of a long school break. In this procession, a figure of a woman on a dragon is accompanied by gigantes y cabezudos. These caracthers are key participants of the celebrations, since they represent important people in the history of Granada.

The other procession, takes place on Thursday, the Corpus Christi day, and is a solemn and religious event.

A week before the fair, the carocas (a traditional satirical competition) are displayed in Plaza Bib-Rambla. These carocas are cartoons with satirical verses which humorously highlight major local and national events that took place during the year. The authors are usually local artists, most of them amateurs who compete among hundreds of participants to be selected. Every year only 20 carocas are published. This year from 260 carocas presented 20 were selected and will be displayed in Plaza Bib Rambla on May 11th.


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