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Tandem Language Schools

The this year annual meeting of Tandem Language Schools was held at Escuela Montalbán in Granada.

From 03th to 04th of November 2022 the representatives of language schools in Spain and Germany met at Escuela Montalbán in Granada for their annual meeting.

The following schools from Spain and Germany joined the meeting:

Escuela Montalbán, Granada
Tandem Madrid, Escuela Internacional
Escuela Mediterráneo, Barcelona
Tandem München
Tandem Hamburg
Tandem Köln
Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur, Frankfurt

One of the characteristics that makes the Spanish-German network Tandem Language Schools unique is its ability to group very diverse schools into a democratic and collaborative partnership. Different countries (Spain, Germany, Chile), two languages and different realities are united through human and solidarity principles to promote their mutual growth, inspiring people to learn, connect, and engage with foreign languages in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Diversity makes us more human, unity makes us stronger.

The name "TANDEM" and its history are strongly associated with language exchanges as a method of learning. This is why we consider it our sign of identity.

There were several trial studies in the 1960's and 70's. Finally in 1979, Jürguen Wolff developed the procedures for exchanges between German and Spanish students in Madrid. In 1982, Wolff joined forces with a teachers' cooperative in Madrid – it later became TANDEM Madrid.

Throughout the 80's the organization grew through the formation of a horizontal network of partner schools. Each one maintained its individuality, but all of them shared some values and teaching methods. In 1994 this network was consolidated at the TANDEM Fundazioa, based in San Sebastian, Spain. Subsequently, in 2003, TANDEM Fundazioa shifted the focus of its work to universities and NGOs, and the partner schools created TANDEM International for the joint promotion of private language schools.

Tandem Language Schools network is currently comprised of schools in 12 destinations, teaching Spanish and German in 3 countries. We are open to incorporating new schools into our association, as long as they share our values and are able to pass a strict selection process, to ensure that they meet high quality standards and are permanently committed to people in the first place. Our network aims for more than to just develop the highest quality teaching standards. Our mission of inspiring people to learn, connect, and engage with foreign languages in once in a lifetime experience means a strong commitment to responsible social values, promoting cross-cultural awareness, and fostering understanding among students, staff, and the community.

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