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Since May 2022 our school is a recognized examination centre for illiterate candidates!

Completing the PRUEBA CCSE tests of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain is one of the essential requirements for applying for Spanish nationality. The absence of an adaptation of the nationality tests so that people who suffer from illiteracy have reasonable support in the procedure for acquiring Spanish nationality by residence entails a violation of the constitutional principles of equality and non-discrimination.

But, what happens if the person who wants to acquire Spanish nationality has difficulty carrying out these mandatory tests?

The reasons may be several, one may be due to lack of basic studies, which implies illiteracy of different types:

Total illiteracy, when the person cannot read or write in his mother tongue.
Functional illiteracy, when the person, despite not knowing how to read or write in Spanish, does understand it.

Therefore, the Instituto Cervantes can facilitate access to the PRUEBA CCSE under special conditions.

Since May 2022 our school is a recognized examination centre for illiterate candidates. The exam is carried out in an individual tutorial and only orally.

Check here all the special examination dates for 2022!

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