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Hiking tours to the Cahorros Gorge in Monachil!

This week we have started with our first complementary activities. Our teacher Paco has guided his group to the Cahorros Gorge in Monachil.

During the hiking activities our students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish with the teacher and to enjoy the phantastic landscapes around Granada.

The gorge of the Río Monachil is one of the most beautiful, popular and easiest hiking routes in the whole province of Granada. The gorge itself is known as Los Cahorros. It is very popular with climbers and day-trippers alike, due to its proximity to the city of Granada.

Los Cahorros is a mid-mountain limestone area, made up of formations that are younger than the higher peaks and are subject to more erosion. Due to the scarcity of soil, human intervention and the altitude here, a number of shrubs, such as willows, poplars, rushes and esparto fields, thrive alongside the riverbed in the V-shaped valley of the Río Monachil. This unique vegetation in turn gives rise to the rich wildlife, such as birds, amphibians and mammals, such as the wild boar and Spanish ibex.

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