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Spanish and Hiking in Granada, Spain

Hiking tours are always an important part of our Spanish language programmes.

The Sierra de Huétor and la Alfaguara Natural Park is relatively small and covers 12,127 hectares. It was designated a natural park in 1989 and is characterized by its incredible diversity. Geographically, the limestone bedrock has produced some spectacular ravines, steep cliffs and is home to some of Andalucia's most impressive caves, such as the Cueva del Agua.

The altitude differences are relatively minor when compared to its neighbour, the Sierra Nevada National Park, with heights that range from 1100m to almost 1700m. The highest point being the Cerro Buenavista which stands at 1675m high.

The remains of trenches and fortifications bear witness to the battles that were fought here during the Spanish Civil war. The Cerro de Maúllo was the front line between the Republicans and Nationalists for many years.


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