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Spanish and University Access PCE/UNEDasiss

In 2022 we will start our new programme Intensive 20 + University Access PCE/UNEDAsiss

Our preparation programme Spanish course and access to the university allows you to learn Spanish in Granada and to prepare the Specific Competences Tests (P.C.E.), to sit the exams and to enter any university in Spain.

Our school is a accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes. This accreditation is a requirement to apply for a study visa for Spain in the case of language studies.

We are also a collaborating center of the UNED. UNEDasiss manages the admission process to university degrees for non-EU students with a foreign baccalaureate. The UNEDassis evaluates the academic records of international students and performs the necessary tests to access undergraduate studies at Spanish universities. To get a place at a university in Spain, the student will have to plan in advance what to do. Students can obtain information about the whole procedure on the UNEDassis website itself.

For many studies you need to take Specific Competency Tests (P.C.E.). Our Intensive 20 + PCE/UNEDasiss university access programme is aimed at those non-EU students who come with a very low level of Spanish and who need to prepare 4 to 6 P.C.E.

You will prepare your language level at our school during 6 months. Then you continue the P.C.E. preparation at a partner school in Granada. This institute is also a collaborating center of the UNED and is specialized on the preparation of the P.C.E. tests.

For further information visit our course section

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