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Hiking in Sierra Nevada National Park

Hiking in Sierra Nevada, Spain

Our guides from Sierra y Sol already have started with their hiking tours in autumn!

They offer guided hiking & trekking tours led by experienced local experts through the Natural Parks and cultural heritage areas of the mountains of southern Spain.

The charismatic force behind Sierra y Sol is Teresa Madrona: professor, mountain sports enthusiast, hiking club organizer and ecologist. Teresa is an experienced teacher and passionate about sharing her knowledge of Andalusian cultural and natural history with her students and visitors of Spain. Teresa began teaching high school Biology and Geology in the late 80s, and 11 years later founded her own ecological consulting business. She is currently a professor of Biology at the University of Granada. Throughout her life she has avidly pursued hiking and mountaineering in the mountains of her homeland and abroad (the Rif and Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Alps in Switzerland), and has organized hundreds of hiking trips and excursions for BUXUS, an ecologically focused hiking organization.

For further information visit: www.sierraysol.com

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