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Learning Spanish in Granada!

Spanish classes in Granada, Spain

It allowed me to meet friends, explore the city, and feel at home in such a unique way!

Learning Spanish was the perfect way to spend my time in Granada! I really enjoyed my 5 weeks at Esuela Montalban in Granada. I had only planned to stay for 3 but decided to extend until the end of my trip. The Spanish classes are divided into grammar and conversation. Grammar in the mornings was well explained and the teachers are usually very good at explaining a new word or concept using only Spanish, although sometimes, and especially at the very beginning, I was not completely sure that I had understood correctly. Having the teacher that could confirm in English would have been helpful at the beginning. Since every teacher has a different teaching style, some weeks were better than other depending on if I had the teacher I liked for conversation.

The location of the school was absolutely fine. Close to the centre and within walking distance of the house I was staying at. The school was cozy and inviting as were all the staff. As for cultural activities, I feel like there could have been more organised opportunities to meet with the teachers and other students outside of class to speak Spanish in a more casual setting. I know that some of the other schools in the city did this and it seemed like a great opportunity to practice with your teachers. I felt like, as a younger student, I would have been better suited in some of the more activity oriented schools.

My housing was very comfortable. It was located in the Albaicín, a 25 minute walk from school, and I loved the area an was happy to be there instead of in the school provided facts, which I saw and were not nearly as comfortable as my room. However, I did not see or speak to the woman who was renting me a room in her house very often. She was renting out all the other rooms in her house to airbnb guests and another Spanish student. I did not have meals so I understand how this was the case, and while I would've liked more opportunities to speak Spanish outside of class, I was not bother by this and enjoyed the privacy I had.

I think that the school should give a Spanish assessment on arrival before they place people in classes, because sometimes I was in class which a wide range of skill level and it made it difficult to participate and understand when things were above my level, and frustrating when I was learning something I already understood. I also think if I could do it over again, I'd take the class with the extra private hours during the week because I felt that sometimes after learning new things, I really needed someone to sit with me and practice, and in a bigger group that wasn't always possible.

Jenny Eisner (20 years old / USA)

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