The UNEDassis manages the admission process to university degrees for non-EU students with a foreign baccalaureate.

Escuela Montalbán has established a collaboration agreement with the UNED, the National Distance Education University, for the management of university access procedures for international students.

The UNEDassis is a service of the UNED and was created to manage the access and admission of these international students to Spanish universities, facilitating their access through the issuance of accreditations and the completion of Specific Competency Tests (P.C.E.).

The P.C.E. tests are carried out by an international student through the UNED, in order to access the Spanish university. These tests are exams of the subjects corresponding to the career that each student wants to do. The tests are organized and corrected by the UNED. Each test is for a specific subject.

Among the P.C.E. of the UNED students choose between:
General core: Spanish language, English, French, History of Spain.
Core of modality: Mathematics II, CCSS Mathematics, Fundamentals of Art, Latin.
Optional core: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Economics, History of Art, Philosophy, Geology, Design, Physics, Technical Drawing.

The school prepares these subjects in collaboration with a specialized center in Granada. For more information about the price of this programme check our courses section


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