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Ceramic tile painting in Granada

Practice Spanish in a workshop on the history and art of ceramic tiles in Granada.

Granada is renowned for the quality of its ceramic tiles which decorate houses and courtyards. The Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra are examples of the beauty of Andalusian culture. This decorative art is one of the legacies of Moorish times and has become a sign of identity of our city.

Ceramic tile painting in Granada   Ceramic tile painting in Granada

Carmen Jiménez Garrido
In a 3 hour class you will learn how to hand-paint ceramic tiles under the guidance and inspiration of our teacher Carmen. She is a local ceramicist with many years of experience. She will help guide your technique and discuss with you the design you wish to follow. At the end of the class she will assist you with the glazing of the tile, prior to the firing in a special kiln. The tile you paint allows you to give free rein to your creativity: paint a tile and take it home with you as a unique souvenir from Granada.

Ceramic tile painting class: in addition to a general Spanish language course, 3 lessons of 60 minutes per week.
Group size: from 1 to 2 students; in the event of 2 persons enrolling for the activity, we offer a 20% discount on the price to each student.
Levels: suitable for all levels.
Starting dates: every Monday.
Course duration: from 1 to 2 weeks.
Timetable: Wednesday from 17.00 to 20.00 h.

Ceramic tile painting 100 €/week

Ceramic tile painting in Granada   Ceramic tile painting in Granada

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