Spanish courses for Moroccan students

We offer discounts on Spanish courses for Moroccan students who want to study at Granada University or at any other Spanish university.

¿Habla español? Geographical proximity, a common history and the difficulty of studying abroad have intensified the interest of many young Moroccan students in learning Spanish in recent years.

Studying in Spain has become a privilege for young Moroccans. They want to learn Spanish in the best conditions and then look for new professional opportunities. Classified as the third most spoken language in the world, Spanish is quite easy to learn.

Granada is one of the most important student cities in Spain. The University of Granada has a history of almost 500 years and today it welcomes more than 80.000 students. Medical and pharmacy careers have been particularly recognized for years and are increasingly in demand by Moroccans.

Escuela Montalbán offers long-term intensive Spanish courses. During 24 weeks students improve their knowledge of Spanish in an immersive context. Thus, they improve their language skills and finish the course with a B1/B2 level before starting their university studies.

To obtain a study visa contact our office in Morocco. They will help you in the process of obtaining the visa and provide you with all the necessary information (registration, course payment, accommodation in Granada).

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Phone: +212 666 15 77 85
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Spanish courses for Moroccan students in Granada   Spanish courses for Moroccan students in Granada

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