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  • español, cultura y deporte
    baile, yoga, fotografía, cocina, equitación, senderismo, escalada
    español, cultura y deporte
  • si necesitas un diploma oficial
    puedes prepararte para un examen D.E.L.E. durante todo el año
    exámenes D.E.L.E.
  • español para profesionales
    español comercial, español para la salud, español para el turismo
    español para profesionales
  • español para familias
    ofrecemos cursos de español para todas las edades
    español para familias
  • viaja por España
    con cursos combinados en San Sebastián, Madrid, Granada y Cádiz
    viaja por España
  • español a tu medida
    nuestros cursos privados se adaptan a tus necesidades
    español a tu medida
  • formación de profesores
    en cursos que cumplen los requisitos para una beca erasmus+
    formación de profesores
  • programa cultural
    todos los dias y como complemento a un curso de español
    programa cultural
  • viajes escolares
    clases, alojamiento y actividades culturales para jóvenes
    viajes escolares
  • aprende español
    en grupos de nivel con un máximo de 8 estudiantes
    aprende español

Spanish courses in Granada: Intensive courses

We offer the following range of Spanish group courses all year round and on all levels at our Spanish language school.

We guarantee that our Spanish courses always take place throughout the year. You can book a Spanish language course for 1 week, or up to a period of several months. Please note that we have special prices for longterm Standard, Intensive and Superintensive courses, which extend over more than 8 weeks.

In our classes you will find students of all ages and nationalities. More and more "mature" students visit us to on the multi-national classes and so the age group is going up each year. Whether you are in your 50s, 60,s or even in your 70s, we have a place in a class that is suitable for you.

Standard Course
This course of 4 lessons a day allows students to complement holidays with language study. We recommend it for those who wish to combine a relaxed language course with the study of Spanish culture in real life situations. Students can start to learn Spanish from scratch, or to further improve their linguistic skills.

Intensive Course - Superintensive Course
These courses with 5 or 6 lessons per day guarantee maximum progress during a short period of time. They are ideal for people whose stay in Spain is mainly work-oriented or study-based. With more Spanish classes added to the Standard Course, students put into practice the communication skills learnt in the morning sessions.

Standard-Plus 1 Course / Standard-Plus 2 Course
These courses combine 4 group classes with 1 or 2 private Spanish classes per day. The group classes are interactive and help students to improve their speaking skills. The private classes allow individual students to cover areas that need extra practice or to study special topics.

We also offer:

Group Programmes

Group Programmes in Granada

School groups and adult groups have participated in these programmes for many years. On request we'll prepare a tailor-made programme for you.

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Teacher Training

Spanish teacher training in Granada

Spanish for Body & Mind

Tango in Granada

Combine Spanish lessons with Flamenco, Tango or Salsa dancing, outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing in Sierra Nevada, Yoga sessions, an Andalusian culture course, Spanish cooking, a ceramic tile painting workshop or photo walks.


Here you can check the prices for our 1-week offers of the combined Spanish courses!

Spanish & Flamenco

Spanish & Flamenco

Spanish & Tango

Spanish & Tango

Spanish & Cooking

Spanish and Cooking in Granada

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