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Arabic culture in Granada

We offer a special private Spanish programme related to Arabic history, art and culture in Granada!

Granada exudes a mystical sense of beauty that not many Spanish cities can compare to. The city is so elegantly poised with Arabic-influenced architecture, gypsies-inhabited caves and Iberian culture.

As the last city to be returned to the Christian conquistadors after several hundred centuries of Muslim ruling, Granada still bears evidence to its Arabic influence to this day. The Alhambra Palace was built during the Moorish reign in the 15th century, and still stands proud and majestic on the hills of Granada.

Other signs of Arabic influence can be seen in the Albaicín, one of the oldest areas in Granada. Perched on a hilltop it consists of steep cobblestoned paths and white-washed houses. Arabic teahouses and Moroccan shops line the narrow street that leads up to the hilltop. The perfect way to relax after a day, is to have a glass of sweet tea in one of the Arabic teahouses (teterías) or relax in the Arabic baths.

Our teacher and guide Nizar Liemlahi will accompany you during the whole programme. In the afternoons you will visit the Alhambra, the old Arabic quarter Albaicín and the Arabic bath. He will complement the guided visits with workshops about Arabic art, music and cooking.

Alhambra   Alhambra

Arabic culture (5 days): in addition to a general Spanish course, a private programme from Monday to Friday during the afternoons and evenings (approx. 15 hours).


Arabic culture (2 days): in addition to a general Spanish course, a private programme during Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (approx. 7 hours).

Levels: intermediate to advanced.
Starting dates: every Monday.
Course duration: 2 or 5 days.
Timetable: to be confirmed.

Arabic Culture (5 days) 495 €*
Arabic Culture (2 days)  160 €*

* In the event 2 students enrolling for the activity, we offer a 20% discount on the price to each student.

Arabic bath in Granada   Teashops in Granada

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