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Events in Granada


In June, Granada celebrates the Corpus Christi fiesta, whose origins go back to efforts made to "Christianise" the population after centuries of Moorish domination.

he Corpus Christi Fiesta is the biggest festival in Granada. This year it will start at midnight, on Saturday, 02.06.2024 with the lighting of thousands of bulbs and ends the following Saturday with a fireworks display.

With a history of more than 500 years the Corpus Christi fiesta is part of the most important traditions that the city conserves. Throughout its history it has served as a parenthesis in the daily life of the locals, propitiating some days of fun and vacactions. Granada offers a full range of cultural events, including the bullfighting festival, during these days.

The fair is usually in the month of June but does not have a specific date, because it depends on the Holy Week. The way to know the beginning of Corpus Christi is to count 60 days from Easter Monday. This will give you the feast day of Corpus Christi.

The atmosphere can be enjoyed both day and night. Enjoy the ride of elegant horse cars loaded with people dressed in the typical regional costumes, the flamenco atmosphere or the booths with all their adornments. In the Granada fair, unlike others, the public booths are interspersed with private booths so that the visitor can freely access each one of them.

During the week that lasts the fair it is necessary to emphasize 2 processions that cross the main streets of the city:

Every Wednesday of the fair La Tarasca, a mannequin wearing the clothes that will be fashionable in the following season, walks through the city on the back of a fierce dragon that seems to be surrendered at his feet. The big festival of Granada is organized around Thursday, departure of Corpus Christi, day in which the whole city crammed the streets. On the Sunday at the end of the Corpus Christi week a small procession is celebrated around the Cathedral.

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